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Our Services

Salesforce - Leading SasS Solution

Enhance collaborations between employees, clients & businesses, improve client's experience and notch your business up to new heights with Prospance Salesforce offering.

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Big Data

Big Data Analytics enables the rapid extraction, transformation, loading, search, analysis and sharing of massive data sets. Analytics on large.

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For businesses, optimal utilization of organizational resources is a necessity and not a differentiator. At ERP practice in Prospance we assign skilled teams to work with our customers.

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Mirosoft Based Services

Microsoft is a rapidly evolving environment where top class business applications can be developed. It is evolving itself in a way that customer requirement can be harnessed on any infrastructure.

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IT Security

Prospance provides security services that are aligned to customer needs. Defining security policies and governance structures, architecting systems to support the policies.

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Let's start with Outsourcing a familiar term and by now a common word in the business parlance whereby resources outside are engaged in getting the work done.

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Cloud Technologies

The uncertain economic environment and growing business complexities has compelled organizations of all sizes to increase productivity at the least expense possible.

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Our Products

Mobile Timecard Approval

Prospance’s Mobile Timecard Approval (MTA) is an easy to use application that allows managers to approve timecards from anywhere anytime. Using MTA one or multiple timecards can be approved or rejected by pressing two buttons only.

Visual Performance Management

VPM (Visual Performance Management) is one such application that is designed to help managers manage the performance of their direct and indirect reporting staff efficiently.

iMask Data Masking

Every company has sensitive data, whether it is trade secrets, intellectual property, critical business information, business partners information, employee information, its customers information, business transaction information etc.

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