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Mobile Timecard Approval (MTA) – Timecard approval made easy


Prospance’s Mobile Timecard Approval (MTA) is an easy to use application that allows managers to approve timecards from anywhere anytime. Using MTA one or multiple timecards can be approved or rejected by pressing two buttons only.


Prospance is a next-generation software applications company. Innovation and ingenuity characterize Prospance’s solutions. Currently, we are building path-breaking mobile applications that interact seamlessly with SAP HCM.


Prospance focuses on developing innovative solutions that solve customer problems. MTA is one such solution that streamlines the timecard approval process. Timecard approval latency has been problematic for our customers, especially for the ones employing non-exempt employees and contractors. This problem has several related ramifications that decrease organizational efficiency cumulatively.



Benefits of MTA:

  • Approve or reject timecards on your handheld device.
  • Approve or reject timecards for a specific date range or all timecards in the approval queue.
  • Ensure timely timecard approval and vendor/employee payment.


Technology of MTA:

  • Developed for iOS devices using iOS version 4.3 or higher.
  • Implemented using SAP NetWeaver Gateway on the SAP end.
  • Certified by SAP and complies with SAP’s third party application development requirements.
  • Easy installation.


The aforementioned information is a synopsis of MTA’s capabilities and characteristics. To know more, please contact us for setting up a Demo.