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Cloud Technologies

Cloud Technologies Service Offerings

Organizations around the world are increasingly looking towards gaining competitive advantage through collaboration, process agility and innovative business models, at lower costs. These Business drivers have compelled organizations to explore Cloud Technologies and move their infrastructure and applications to cloud to ensure business agility, responsiveness, and cost-efficiency.

Modernizing application platforms and data center architectures has also become an imperative to support unpredictable business demands and to develop the capabilities needed to innovate and seize new business opportunities.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon and SFDC are leading service providers for Cloud Technologies and are helping organisations with delivery models like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Our Service offerings in Cloud Technologies space includes …

Advisory / Consultancy Services

Our consultants can help the organisations to define Cloud Adaptation Strategy with clear definition of Cloud Roadmap. As a part of this exercise our consultants capture and understand business applications hosted in the current environment, in-depth analysis of amenability of these applications to cloud technologies, current cost of support including infrastructure and future requirements.

Based on the analysis our consultants help organisation to develop the roadmap for modernising / migrating these applications to cloud technologies thus allowing organisations to eliminate CAPEX and drastically reduce the total cost of Ownership (TCO)

Our consultants also helps the organisation in selection of right cloud platform /service provider, cloud solutions, development tool kits and various aspects on Security, migration, change management.

Cloud Application Management Services

The rapid growth of adoption of latest technologies is adding to the existing heterogeneity of enterprise application portfolios. Organizations are realizing that this is leading to more information silos and requires greater integration complexity. Data migration from current system t new cloud based system is also another aspect which requires expertise, having understanding of Business as well Cloud technologies.

We have ability and expertise

  • To help organisations in selecting right SasS
  • Implementation of SaaS Solution
  • Data Migration and Integration with Enterprise applications
  • Provide On-going Support

Cloud Application Management

  • SaaS Platform Selection
  • Implementation
  • Integration with enterprise systems
  • Data Migration
  • Support

Cloud Infrastructure Management Services

Clouds technologies are becoming more and more viable options for the enterprises and with adoption of Hybrid cloud (on-premise Private cloud, integrated with Public cloud), the environments are becoming more and more complex to manage and require specialised trained resources.

We have expertise in

Cloud Infrastructure Management

  • Cloud orchestration
  • Cloud Service Assurance
  • Cloud Securtiy Management
  • Data Protection and DR Management

  • Cloud Orchestration – Policy-based and workload-based orchestration of VM Provisioning and decommissioning
  • Cloud Service Assurance – To ensure Availability, Performance and Service Quality, Predictability, and efficiency
  • Cloud Security Management – Identity, entitlement and Access Management, Data Security and Privacy Management, tokenization and data obfuscation, Cloud Infrastructure security
  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Management – To ensure the backup, recovery and availability of Business Critical Systems and data which are crucial for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Staffing - Resource Augmentation Services

We offer resource augmentation services on T&M and permanent placement models and can help you quickly ramp up your team to meet your organizational and business objectives. We extend

  • Customer-centric model with dedicated recruitment teams
  • Quick turn-around time for resource requirements
  • High rate of candidate retention
  • Domain and Skill specific resource identification