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Visual Performance Management (VPM) Talent management made easy


Prospance builds mobile applications that abstract SAP HCM workflows. This enables you to operate an intuitive user-friendly interface at the front-end that integrates seamlessly with SAP HCM at the backend over a network.



VPM (Visual Performance Management) is one such application that is designed to help managers manage the performance of their direct and indirect reporting staff efficiently.


The pain of assigning a lower rating to an employee

In an organization with multiple strata of management (senior, middle-level, junior), the performance management is wholly entrusted to the respective managers.
While this principle of decentralization is designed to promote efficiency in performance appraisals, it is not without loopholes.


A decentralized performance management system enables managers assign ratings without substantiation. They may assign higher performance ratings to their staff to help them get bonuses and stock grants. Worse, they may protect poorly performing employees by giving them false performance ratings.


At the end of the performance appraisal period, the average performance rating of all employees in the organization is on the higher side. Therefore, the management is constrained to release performance incentives to employees who never performed up to the desired level.


VPM improves transparency and credibility of performance ratings

With VPM, the senior management has control and visibility on the performances of the employees in the organization.



VPM is implemented by way of a performance and potential matrix. The matrix is a grid arrangement flanked by the performance (x-axis) and potential (y-axis) axes. Each cell in the grid is represented by a performance and potential coordinate.


For instance, assume an employee is at 3, 2. This indicates that the performance and potential level of this employee is 3 and 2 respectively.


The matrix populates with the performance and potential ratings of multiple employees. You can view the matrix by departments, sub-organizations, management levels and so on. An associated bell curve updates dynamically based on the data in the matrix. The bell curve trajectory provides a realistic interpretation of performances. In addition to the current year’s performance, VPM provides past three year’s performance data of any employee. This can be accessed anywhere, anytime and within a matter of seconds. A sudden drop or increase in the performance level of an employee can be detected. It serves as an indicator to take proactive measures to identify the root of the problem.



VPM also provides a drag and drop operation to change the performance and potential level of an employee.


Recognize your employees often

Motivation, recognition, and reward are the key drivers for employee efficiency. VPM allows managers recognize exceptional employee performance as it happens. It helps managers and the organization in general devise ways to retain talent, by motivating and rewarding them in a timely manner.


VPM provides a feedback management system that incorporates instantaneous feedback made to an employee. The feedbacks are stored for further retrieval and serve as recorded evidences of recognition.



Recognize and record excellent performance for future references during performance review process. VPM is a unique tool that combines functional diversity with user friendliness. It provides real time analytical support that helps managers make fact-based decisions.


Features of VPM

  • Change the performance rating of an employee with a simple drag and drop operation.
  • View the performance and potential rating of an organization in a grid named as the matrix.
  • View the performance bell curve and bar chart of an organization’s employees.
  • Search for an employee by entering their name fully or partially. Alternatively, view all the employees in an organization.
  • View past three year’s performance of an employee.
  • View all recorded feedbacks of an employee in chronological order along with the names of the individuals who provided the feedback.
  • Record feedback for an employee anytime and not wait for the performance review period to conclude.
  • View high performers in an organization by selecting a given performance level in the matrix.
  • View the bell curve for a given job code for the entire organization.
  • Make changes to the performance and potential level of your direct reporting members.
  • Email performance and potential matrix assignments or changes to multiple recipients.
  • If your organization records social networking links to employee profiles then launch those links from the screen of the application.


Technology of VPM:

  • Developed for iPad using iOS version 4.3 or higher.
  • Implemented using SAP NetWeaver Gateway on the SAP end.
  • VPM uses Apache webserver for connecting to mobile devices.
  • Easy installation.


The aforementioned information is a synopsis of VPM’s capabilities and characteristics. To know more, please contact us for setting up a ‘Demo’