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Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics - Service Offerings

Oraganisation are looking at innovative ways to use data assets generated from within and outside of their enterprise boundaries to enable business growth, improve profitability and drive competitive differentiation.

Data from social media, devices and things, real-time interaction data from online channels when combined with existing enterprise data assets can create a deluge of information. Key Objective of the Big Data Analytics is to turn the volume, velocity, variety and complexity of data into a corporate strategic asset, useful to innovate and seize new business opportunities innovate and seize new business opportunities.

Advisory / Consultancy Services

Our Big Data consultants can help the organizations in assessing their current systems and define the capabilities needed to make Big Data initiative a success. As a part of this exercise, consultants will also help the organisations to build an integrated IT strategy that supports effective, secure data management and data mining.

Key Phases of Consultancy includes.

  • Big data Maturity Assessment
  • Use case Definition and Business case development for big data adoption
  • Adoption Roadmap, Definition and Planning
  • Big data Architecture and Information strategy
  • Technology & Product Evaluations and Recommendation

Transformation Services

Our team of experts can help the organisations in delivering effective, highly scalable, high performance Big Data analytics applications within specified implementation timescale and cost.

The team will help organisations to design proof-of-concept prototypes utilizing Big Data technologies. On successful validation of the prototype, the Big Data solution can be scaled and deployed to a production-grade implementation. The team will also able to provides cost-effective maintenance, support, and optimization of these Big Data solutions.

Our team will also ensure that the Big Data solutions complement with the existing data warehouse/ BI investments. As a part of transformation, team will explore the multiple options available and will help the organisation select the right technology from both commercial product vendors and Open Source options.

Data Analytics / Data Science Services

Our expertise in Data Science can help the organisations to harness Big Data and turn it into real business value. Our consultants can help organisations to implement advanced models and algorithms that separate the signals from the noise, discover patterns in the data, and provide predictive insights. We have expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, enterprise search and advanced statistical and mathematical decision science.

Some of our key areas where our consultants have helped the organisations are

  • Analyzing data assets of an organization
  • Developing Data Science roadmaps
  • Creating algorithms to address data challenges
  • Creating visualizations

Staffing - Resource Augmentation Services

We offer resource augmentation services on T&M and permanent placement models and can help you quickly ramp up your team to meet your organizational and business objectives. We extend

  • Customer-centric model with dedicated recruitment teams
  • Quick turn-around time for resource requirements
  • High rate of candidate retention
  • Domain and Skill specific resource identification