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Prospance Core Offerings

Sales Force

Drive business productivity and customer relationship with high quality Sales Force Consulting from Prospance.


Enhance collaborations between employees, clients & businesses, improve client’s experience and notch your business up to new heights with Prospance Salesforce offering. We offer you the best Salesforce.com core service portfolio designed and implemented to deliver end-to-end solutions that are easy-to-deploy, cost effective and most importantly, industry specific, thereby, improving business productivity and customer satisfaction.


Our ability to seize great opportunities by implementing Salesforce’s latest offerings like Salesforce1, Force.com, Heroku and ExactTargetFuel and helping companies shift focus on customer makes us your ultimate service partner.


Prospance possesses a profound understanding on Salesforce CRM and Force.com custom development. We can maximize your return on investment in Salesforce.com and drive a thriving customer relationship management.


Prospance Big Data Proposition

Big Data refers to a huge amount of data that exceeds the storage, processing, and indexing capabilities of conventional database systems. Big Data Analytics seeks to quickly identify previously unseen correlations and patterns to improve decision-making. Although it is related to traditional Database Management and Business Intelligence systems, Big Data Analytics dramatically increases the ability to process data that is voluminous, varied, and dynamic. Big Data cannot be structured using conventional database schemas. Even if attempted, the end result of such an effort is increased complexity.


Prospance’s Big Data consulting practice is focused on helping its customers in effectively dealing with the tools and technology solutions that enable effective management of the 4Vs, Volume, Velocity, Variety and Variability. With extensive client engagement experience spanning several verticals, our consultants and advisors have helped many customers in enabling data analytics decision making within their organizations.


SAP ERP Implementation
For businesses, optimal utilization of organizational resources is a necessity and not a differentiator. At ERP practice in Prospance we assign skilled teams to work with our customers, for planning and implementation of various ERP modules. We have established relationship within the technology eco-system that we leverage frequently, to provide best in class services to our customers. Our teams use proven methodologies and tools to help our clients in achieving their desired business objectives, get maximum ROI from their ERP investments, and add value in their ERP life cycle.


Security Services
Prospance provides security services that are aligned to customer needs. Defining security policies and governance structures, architecting systems to support the policies, enhancing existing security programs and infrastructure, management and support of security operations are some of the services that Prospance provides to customers.


The services offered by Prospance are geared towards using industry best practices and leveraging best breed of solutions available in the market.


Product Engineering
Prospance helps you define, implement and delivers solutions to accelerate your time-to-market


Innovation, accelerated product development and faster time-to-market have become the most critical success factors for product companies worldwide. They are looking at developing engineering products/solutions much faster and cheaper to win over their competition.


Prospance’s Product Engineering services and solutions are tailored to accelerate your product development process, enabling you to reduce the turnaround time across the product development lifecycle and introduce products faster to market. This helps our clients gain competitive advantage by responding swiftly to market demands and ensure profitability by reducing development costs.


Successful product engineering combines deep technical expertise and insight to leading-edge business strategies. Through best-practice processes, strict QA standards and complete transparency with clients, Prospance consistently delivers inspired custom products within the time and budget parameters required by business.


Microsoft based Applications
Microsoft is a rapidly evolving environment where top class business applications can be developed. It is evolving itself in a way that customer requirement can be harnessed on any infrastructure. Dynamic infrastructure and applications depending on Microsoft platform can be used to extract out the full advantage of Microsoft architecture providing responsive throughput under various conditions. Prospance offers various Microsoft based Application development and enhancement services on Share Point, .Net, End User Computing and Active Directory SSO platforms.


Cloud Technologies
The uncertain economic environment and growing business complexities has compelled organizations of all sizes to increase productivity at the least expense possible. This has lead to the emergence of the Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing offers achievable deployable cost and high level of security leveraging accessibility anywhere, any time. Prospance helps companies with technologies and expertise to move their data into Cloud efficiently and securely.


We help you design and deploy tailor made cloud based solutions and services using the robust technologies offered by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.


Staffing-Domestic Outsourcing Definition
Let’s start with Outsourcing a familiar term and by now a common word in the business parlance whereby resources outside are engaged in getting the work done. And the service provider is usually located outside the ambit, and hence called Outsourcing.


Domestic Outsourcing refers to the engagement when you offload your workload to resources residing locally so as to stay in touch in terms of timeline and other associated benefits.


There is this misconception that continues to grip the world’s attention that offloading work to a distant land cheap in labor cuts down the cost. On the contrary, the actual costs climb upwards and so does the total cost of ownership. The time zone is always a pain point given the fact the geographical locations brings about its own limitation wherein the minimal lag can be a day, if not more at any point in time. In the name of economics, the critical compromise is on the productivity, which for some reasons isn’t the primary focus until things tumble and get way out of control.


Domestic Outsourcing, on the other hand, spells a win-win proposition as the Vendor is in the vicinity for any kind of consultation\clarification as part of the collaborative effort expended in the engagement. The cost overall, too, works out the same, if not less.


Prospance Supply Chain Methodology
Theoretically Effective supply chain management is all about delivering the right product in the right quantity and in the right condition, to the right place, at the right time and at the right price.


Practically this is the most difficult thing to do in a globalized internet-connected world economy. Talk to the Operations staff of any Company and all you will hear are the increasing complexities of serving the demands of a global customer base. With shrinking product life cycles and very low barrier to entry in most industries, no one can ever prepare for the next onslaught from a new competitor. Operations teams are always on their toes to keep the finished goods flowing while managing the cost of production, to keep their competitive edge. Reliance on complex software solutions is increasing to keep the wheel of global commerce going.


Our professionals help companies in navigating the technology challenges of supply chain optimization. We work hard to stay on top of technology trends and use tested methodologies, domain expertise, and knowledge gained from client engagement, to deliver high quality solutions for our customers.